Day 5: Road Ingredients

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Road Ingredients”

  1. Aha. The secret recipe for travelling? Do it alone and follow your nose. Says the woman who’s just returned from a bus tour with 39 other people. What did you and your coffee-friend decide? And have you transformed back out of a “bulky drop of water”?

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    1. Well, as your comment also suggests, there is no universal recipe. Personally, I like to travel by myself and immerse in the world around me. But even alone, I often seek connection. About my transformation, from a depresssed raindrop, I’ve turned into a bookworm. My escapist phase continues. But since, the rainy season has stopped and it’s hot and sunny now, I might soon become more social ;). Swimming in a lake has invigorating power.


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